DTCP, RERA & Single window system

GK Planners and Construction is the leading construction firm. We have constructed lots of high-quality projects which are approved by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) and DTCP (Department of Town and Country Planning). We enhance people’s quality of life and want to make sure that development is sustainable. Additionally, we provide a single-window clearance system for all building approvals, including those for the building’s plan, ownership documentation, non-agriculture authorization, water authority authorization, etc. This speeds up the process and allows us to complete our projects quickly.


As a construction company, we plan the construction site layout for the temporary facility, improving the effectiveness of the construction. When designing the site’s layout, we at GK Planners and Construction constantly prioritise safety improvements and productivity. The most important factors we focus on while planning site layout are:

  • Security
  • Space available
  • Site accommodation and welfare facilities

  • Services such as water, drainage, electric power
  • Access to the site, impact on traffic
  • Storage of materials


GK Planners and Construction provides the required building estimation and valuation service by our professionals, who recognise all building costs as well as the condition of the building by collecting the relevant data for the valuation of the property from the market values of properties with locations and features similar to the real property.


As a leading stability testing firm, we are certified as Class 1 engineering contractors by the government department and all educational institutions. We have completed large scale projects for various organisations with our experienced and certified engineers.


For all of our clients, GK Planners and Constructions provides a plan approval service. The project will need to receive approval from the local government officials before construction can begin, as per the building plan. If your building plan is approved, it signifies that your plans satisfy the legal standards.Based on your needs and the current modern trends, our team of architects can design a building plan. So, we can quickly get your plan approved because of our contacts and familiarity with local regulations. To acquire plan approval, we prioritise offering our clients’ best services in order to obtain a good quality service.


When you search for the best exterior and interior designs, GK Planners and Constructions are the best architects to offer you exclusive designs for homes, flats, offices, cottages, restaurants, etc. We are the best choice for an ideal and distinctive change of atmosphere for your apartments and offices.


As one of the best construction companies, we are building an apartment that requires complicated project management and architectural expertise. Interiors and Exterior designs are customized by architects of GK planners and Constructions.

We provide our esteemed clients a high-quality selection of factory building constructions based on their demands and specifications, including single-story buildings and multi-story buildings. We make sure that our services are delivered on time.

We are a reputable construction firm that provides a wide range of high quality services, reasonably priced services for institutional buildings. Institutions exteriors and interiors have been designed by or professional architects.

We are a leading business building Construction Company offering services at competitive rates. We construct and renovate commercial buildings with the assistance of a skilled team with extensive experience.


  • GK Planners & Constructions focuses on architecture, construction, interior design, and Vasthu Shastra. We start every project according to Vasthu. When it comes to the first stage of house construction, Vasthu is the secret to happiness and success.
  • Vasthu Shastra is an ancient science based on the five elements (panchabhutas), which are earth, water, air, fire, and space. The magnetic field of the Earth, as well as the rotating effects of the sun, moon, and other planets, are responsible for this.
  • We start our layout drawings according to the knowledge and ideas of Vasthu. Our models for this building space within a building or a collection of buildings are based on Vasthu Shastra. These ideas are aimed at integrating architecture with nature.


Our team of structural engineering specialists specifies the building designs utilising latest technical tools like Staad Pro analysis and also produce quick sketches and drawings of the construction sites for you.

Structural Stability Certificate – Structural Consultants

  • Our team has qualified and experienced structural engineers to design structures that will last a long time. Our structural specialists give you a complete structural design for all sorts of building construction.

  • For a clear appraisal of the project, we will speak with the client.
  • We provide them with a detailed drawing of the project based on their suggestions, with the assistance of our GK planners and construction experts.
  • We also provide a structural stability certificate after conducting stability analysis, inspection, and non-destructive tests for the buildings.

SURVEYING (Total Station & GPS)

GK Planners & Constructions surveys the construction using latest technologies and provide you with quick and cost-effective results. Surveying using a total station helps you calculate its angles and directions. With the use of the global positioning system (GPS), our surveyors may carry out surveys ranging from simple and clear field locating to wide over large areas


Checking the soil’s quality before building your dream home is one of the most important steps. Our GK planners and builders primarily conduct soil testing to determine the land’s bearing capacity. Various sorts of soil testing for building are carried out here.

  • Gravity test
  • Moisture test
  • Atterberg Limits Test
  • Dry Density test
  • Proctor’s Compaction Test


We at GK Planners & Constructions provide you with a detailed drawing of your construction site with black and white drawings, colour prints, and a detailed blue prints of residential, commercial, and institutional constructions.

Get your Space Planned, Constructed and We Make your Home the Best!!